This week i’m loving Roses De Chloé


This week I’m feeling rosy over Roses De Chloé 
I’m not usually fond of flowers but the Rose notes in this fragrance has an injection of Chloé sophistication, it’s absolutely blooming. Chloé signature notes of musk and amber mixed with Damascea Rose captivates my senses. Roses De Chloé, £74.

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This week i’m loving the OPERA Mask



Recently I tried the celebrity beauty secret loved by Jessica Alba , the ‘OPERA’ LED light therapy face mask.

I must admit that the skin therapy mask is not easy on the eye and actually looked scary at first glance. But if the treatment is good enough for the celebrities then it’s a beauty secret worth knowing.

The OPERA mask is a clinically proven method that uses low level light therapy red and blue lights. The red light stimulates collagen and elastin production, which plump out wrinkles and helps to firm up skin. The blue light kills bacteria helping to purify skin.

The OPERA facial mask surprised me and I warmed to the treatment. After just 5 minutes of pure relaxation of having the light therapy my mood lifted and my skin was glowing and lasted for up to 3 days. Try the OPERA face mask and get ready for the ‘you look so well’ comments.

I tried the OPERA treatment at the celebrity beauty hub Seduire London . The Opera mask can be used in conjunction with any of the other facials at Seduire and is priced at £1 per minute (minimum of 5 minutes).


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Let’s get physical

Hands up if you feel that you have gained a few pounds over the festive period and I bet you’re like me running to drop a dress size fast! At this time of year we go through the same routine with good resolutions in mind. Seriously though health and fitness should matter to everyone no matter what season you are in.

There is a price to pay to keeping fit that includes a hefty gym membership that comes with sweat and tears. Expensive work-out wear that is stylish for those #workoutselfies and the will to stick to the fitness programme. And we all know that where there’s a will there’s a way, always. These days shapely costs of getting lean and ripped don’t cost a thing. You can steal your celebrities fitness regime and their personal trainers tummy tightening routines just by punching a few buttons on Instagram.

Here Victoria’s Secret model Doutzen Kroes shows us how to get a body like an angel as she shapes up for the runway.Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 16.41.11

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This week i’m loving Green People

If you are keen to keep your lips hydrated this season then pay attention to Green People and winter-proof your lips with the brands SPF lip balm. The beauty essential is a real glossy balm that contains Organic Coconut, Vitamin E and Berry Wax to keep your pout smooth and protected.  I use it everyday and as a primer under my favourite lip shade and I can really see a difference – Try it!

Green People Soft Lips Balm 10ml is priced at £5.50 available nationwide at


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Pure Beauty Magazine: Celebrity Beauty Stalker – CACI Eye Revive Serum review


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