Escentric find of the week

  My inner romantic just had to have this and with my pulse racing I make an elegant choice and buy a bottle from the plush Cult Beauty on-line store. What is it?! – Its Escentric Molecules 01, the famed fragrant label not to be sniffed at! View Post
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Spas in their Eyes

  For those who don’t know the name, Champneys are the masterminds behind the word SPA! My hectic life was enough to send me to the Betty Ford clinic! However remembering my aviophobia I opted to keep my feet firmly on the ground. Just about to press my self destruct button I decided to wiggle over to Henlow to be rescued. View Post
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A new flame!

  Fancy burning the candle at both ends? Keep the flame alive all through the night with a new sensual flame! – Ignite passion with ECOYA botanical candles and release the fire within! View Post
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The Asian Provocateur

I name her ‘The Asian Provocateur’ and after viewing her suggestive staples you’ll also be attracted too! – You won’t find a silver lining in any Sunita Mukhi creation. View Post
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Discover celebrities lucky charm

    Kim Kardashian stacks up her wrists with funky bracelet variations and Naomi Campbell along with Rhianna have both been seen wearing delicate evil-eye charms around their necks and I hear that Madonna is a fan! View Post
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