This elixir will give your complexion the Midas touch

Kate Hudson used gold infused skincare for the Golden Globes

If you are looking to give your complexion the Midas touch this Christmas try gold-infused skincare a celebrity trend.

The Gold-infused skincare trend has become a beauty ritual by many celebrities, a must-have for the pre-red carpet skin prep as seen on many Hollywood A-listers Instagram feeds.

Kate Hudson used a gold face mask for her skin prep for the Golden Globes. But why go for gold? Gold is known to have powerful anti-aging benefits, it helps firm, lift, brighten and calm the appearance of stressed out of skin. With this in mind I tried the 24k Gold Beauty Serum from Elixier London infused with vitamins A & C and including the beauty molecule hyaluronic acid. I used this luxury at-home pampering treat at night for a week and noticed that the gold-flecked serum left my skin looking extra luminous and silky smooth. With the added bonus of hyaluronic acid, my skin feels plumper than before. This beauty elixir makes my face look like it’s had a good night’s sleep – its my midnight beauty secret. Buy it now! Priced at £49.95 from Elixier London.



Image credits @katehudson