Tone It Up with Proskins

Hands up if you feel that you have gained a few pounds over the festive period and I bet you’re like me running to drop a dress size fast! At this time of year we go through the same routine with good resolutions in mind. Seriously though health and fitness should matter to everyone no matter what season you are in. There is a price to pay to keeping fit that includes a hefty gym membership that comes with sweat and tears. Expensive work-out wear that is stylish for those #workoutselfies and of course the will and determination to stick to the New Year keep fit and healthy challenge. And we all know that where there’s a will there’s a way, always. Thankfully I have my fashion and sport fitness gear from Proskins, the intelligent apparel that keeps me in shape all year round that gives me the will to stick to the fitness programme whatever the season.

For your January workout take the Proskins #28DayChallenge to help you get trim for Spring. What is the 28 Day Challenge? The Proskins Slim range provides an innovative way to smooth, shape and tone your body. All you need to do is wear your Slim Leggings 8 hours a day for 28 days in a row. These incredibly comfortable leggings are designed to be worn by themselves, under regular clothing and even to bed. The Proskins Slim range is stylish, subtle and temperature regulating, guaranteeing they can be worn at any time of the day. In your Proskins 28 Day Challenge starter pack are 2 pairs* of Slim black classic leggings, a Proskins water bottle and a tape measure to keep an eye on your progress. Toning up has never felt so good!

Proskins 28 Day Challenge starter pack is now priced at £75 for a limited period.