My Fifty Shades of Grey

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 20.13.50

Recently my hairdresser Charlotte told me that Grey was the new black! I beg to differ with Charlotte’s comment- Maybe with clothes but not in my hair!

There are many reasons why Grey tones appear and it can come with age, stress and wisdom and I like the sound of wisdom – Charlotte also tells me that Grey is the colour of hope! – And I’m hoping that she’ll disguise my fifty shades of Grey with a colour that’s more flattering for my age.

Finger Painting is a long time Celebrity trend that is a free-flowing, effortless look produced by gradually coaxing and teasing the colour through the middle to the tips of the hair with the fingers, rather than applying the colour using combs and brushes and baking it in foils. Charlotte skilfully lifts the colour that lies within the natural pigment of my hair and hey presto after 40 minutes I’m cooked.

This exciting hair colour procedure makes my hair look like a Jackson Pollack masterpiece! – And I’m sure that the most eloquent art critic would agree!

Finger painting starts from £133 and is available at Daniel Galvin 58 – 60 George Street, London W1U 7ET on Tel: +44 (0)20 7486 9661