A British love for Mademoiselle Felee

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Country… England and the agent is Celebrity Beauty Stalker! Pardonne-moi, if I’m starting to sound a little provocative but my desire to arouse you is imminent!

I have a deep infatuation towards my secret admirer and sincerely hope that my loving stalker is reading this now. Apparently, you are stuck for words? I’m blushing like the cat that got the cream and whispering back the word is LOVE!! – Need I say amore?!

Still can’t hear me?! Well actions are louder than words and with the help of Mademoiselle Felee’s LOVE collection, our love will go on!

Mademoiselle Felee Paris Gold Love collection available in Earrings £40.00, Necklace £42, Ring £38 (pictured above) and Bracelet priced at £40 –

Discover Mademoiselle Felee mademoisellefelee.com