Alice Howard gets RANKD!

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You’re up next girl! Blimey I’m so camera shy, but in just a blink of my eye, I’m about to meet my photo-hero the special one, the man with the mighty lens – RANKIN!! And what a cutie he his too! That’s RANKIN (I say to myself), casually walking towards me to greet me. His enigmatic smile was enough to make me feel at ease in seconds! As quick as a flash he gets me to pose like a number one prima-donna!! RANKIN holds the magic in his hands to capture your own inner beauty without any hassle. He makes me look like the cat who just got all the cream and guess what?! I am lapping up every drop!

It’s not every day you get to meet someone like RANKIN and I was lucky to get seven minutes! Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the fabulous RANKIN!!

Q1. Tell me about your latest venture.

Rankin: Right now you’ll find me at The Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane. This is a radical twist on the traditional exhibition format featuring two shows in one.

Q2. Your famous photo-subjects have included her majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and her majesty of fashion Vivienne Westwood. What was it like to shoot these prestigious faces?

Rankin: Vivienne is a strong, brave Women and a hero off mine! She put British fashion on the map and still continues to remain fashion-strong! Queen Elizabeth II is a powerful person and it was a pleasure to capture her natural charm in her photo.

Q3. Have you ever had to air-brush a celebrity portrait more than usual?

Rankin: People don’t really like being re-touched and I don’t like doing it! It was once in fashion but not anymore.

Q4.Who influences you?

Rankin: David Bailey and Terry Gilliam

Q5. At what age did you decide to want to see life through a lens?

Rankin: At the age of 20

Q6. Who would you really like to shoot on the fashion scene and why?

Rankin: I don’t go out chasing faces to shoot. I do love shooting Kate Moss she’s photo-perfection!

Q7. Are you planning to cover any of the London Fashion Week events?

Rankin: I’m planning to get to watch the Matthew Williamson and PPQ Fashion Shows and attend lot’s of after show party events.

Q8. If you were stranded on a desert island (other than your camera) what other items would you take?

Rankin: I would have to take my Wife, Son and Dog of course!


This face to face interview with Rankin was in 2009

 Alice Howard (pictured above) by Rankin ©

All Images provided, owned and copyright protected: Rankin ©