Ashley Graham’s beauty wake-up call.

Ashley Graham

Supermodel Ashley Graham’s morning wake-up call is Revlon’s new skin awaken concealer. 

The multitasking 5-in-1 concealer erases, perfects, brightens, hydrates and refreshes skin for a flawlessly awake look for up to 24 hours. This ultra-lightweight, buildable formula is infused with Caffeine and Vitamin C, hiding imperfections and dark circles, while brightening skin and camouflaging puffiness. £9.99 at

In a press release, Ashley said; “I don’t ever wear foundation unless somebody’s putting makeup on me only because I like my freckles, and I like to show off my dewy skin,”. Graham’s must-have concealer is Revlon’s PhotoReady Candid Antioxidant Concealer. She puts it under her eyes, around her nose, and between her eyebrows.

📸credits @ashleygraham @revlon