Bliss movie actress Salma Hayek shares beauty secret with Instagram fans.

At 54, Bliss movie actress Salma Hayek is all about embracing make-up free skin as she reveals her must-have juice recipe with beautifying ingredients to her Instagram fans.

All you must do is juice peeled oranges, then add turmeric, a little black pepper and sea buckthorn puree.

Hayek put the peeled oranges in the juicer to get the freshly squeezed juice and cites how good they are for skin since “they are such great source of Vitamin C”. She then puts in turmeric in it which is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. And here’s something I didn’t know. “For your body to absorb faster all the benefits of the turmeric, use a little bit of black pepper. It just makes it a lot more healthier, “she said crushing some black pepper powder into the juice.

Talking about the secret ingredient, she adds pureed sea buckthorn in the juice. Sea buckthorn are sour berries from the Himalayas and are powerhouse of omega 7 which as Hayek also stresses in the video are incredibly “great for your skin, for your hair, for your nails, for everything.” She calls it adding “a little beauty to your morning.” Sea buckthorn are also supremely rich in Vitamin C as it contains 12 times the amount as found in orange. So, you can guess how this beauty juice can give you clean and bright complexion. Plus, Hayek also tells her fans that the ingredient also “helps your body to produce collagen” which improves elasticity and keeps your skin youthful and beautiful.

Video credit @salmahayek @juicegeneration