Carlotta’s Way

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I had been desperately seeking a cutting edge fashion trend that topped all other runway trends and my quest was to find it! Carlotta Gherzi has been leading the way with her attractive style, transforming our figures with her fashionable My Love My Leggings craze.

Worn by the celeb’s these must-have leggings will make you feel light legged and fancy free! Forget those nip n tuck body creams or surgery to svelte your image. Gherzi’s contribution to moda is your clear-cut answer to becoming slim and slender. Warning!! Wearing these well fitted work-of-art leggings promptly add’s sex appeal to your wardrobe taking you over the borderline to release your inhibitions!

So.I dare you to slip into a pair of MLML and doing so will appoint your behind in becoming rear of the year! I’m on cloud nine that I joined the Carlotta Gherzi entourage and pledge to work the My Love My Leggings trend day and night and so will you at