Celebrating International Women’s Day with The King (Queen) Of Soho

Alex Robson is The King (Queen) Of Soho

Alex Robson, when did you launch King of Soho and what is it like to be a girl boss?

I am MD and co-founder of The King of Soho Gin, I am the driving force behind the day to day activities of the brand – it is the passion of my life and it’s the only thing that gets me leaping out of bed in the morning.

The King of Soho was launched in October 2013 with a citrus lead Super Premium London Dry Gin. My business partner is Howard Raymond, the son of the original King of Soho, Paul Raymond whose legacy is the Soho we know and love today; in fact, both our fathers were gin drinkers and when creating the gin we were very much tipping our red top hat to both great men.

The fun and creativity of the streets of Soho are very much at the heart of the brand and in August 2018 to mark the Company’s 5th anniversary we launched The King of Soho Variorum Pink Gin, a strawberry edition of the original London Dry, it was inspired by the playful and enigmatic streets of Soho. The pink line was very much my vision.

What’s it like to be a girl boss.? Well, to be an entrepreneur and this is regardless of gender or stereotyping, you need tenacity, passion and great strength of spirit. Whilst great leaps have been made in recent years I still feel that the bar for women is set higher; saying that if you are focussed on the job in hand and clear about your goals then any barriers just become part of the landscape and some can even be turned to your advantage. I feel that the entrepreneurial spirit is such a powerful force that it can overcome anything, find a solution to the immovable or simply move onto the next idea. It’s a learning curve – we operate in the real world and lack of flexibility can break or stagnate a business person.

What are your fundamentals of great skin? Your three commandments, if you will?

Cleanse, moisturise & SPF.

What are your biggest “skin skins”?

Teoxane RHA Micellar Solution,
Dr Prenna Jones Day Work (antioxidant & SPF formula)
Avene Soothing Moisture Mask
Lycopene blended konjac sponge

What are your go-to beauty products and why?

Whilst I love the products that I put on my skin, I have found that beauty starts and comes from within, literally. I am a great fan of almonds & walnuts – these are the ‘go-to beauty’ products that I reach for when my skin needs a boost followed by a facial spritz. I am a big fan of a spray during the day, to help protect & refresh the skin. I use Dr Prenna Jones Refresh 24/7 with its cleansing sage oil, and soothing cucumber if I’ve been in the city or Hyalul Daily Delux for a hyaluronic boost if I have spent too much time in front of a screen.

What is your favourite quote for International Women’s Day?


Image credits: @Emma Stone @Alex Robson