Celebrity Stalker hearts DL1961

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New York fashionista’s have been wearing the premium denim brand DL1961 since 2008 and I have just discovered the reason to why celebrity loved DL1961 is still going strong!

DL1961 are the genius-of-all-jean makers and their creativity is paramount throughout their entire line!

Their intelligent craftsmanship perfectly suits my waist-line and it’s down to the XFIT LYCRA® fabric that they use. I haven’t worn Lycra for years! However, I can assure you that today, that I’ll be bending over backwards to find a pair of these flexible jeans!!

And it’s not just me who has fallen for the shapely brand! – You will also find each and every super celebrity comfortably slipping into a pair of these perfectly fitting jeans too!

Kim Kardashian is a fan and loves Emma in Onyx, but which will be your jeans du jour?

Rediscover your bodily shape with the affordable DL1961 line of fashionable coloured denim! Find them at department stores across London.