Do you have a blonde ambition?

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Blonde beauty captivated legendary author Truman Capote’s heart and in his time was known to have the most glamorous vanilla blonde on his arm, as he was sure that this added additional elegance to his image.

Celebrity chameleons Madonna, Lady Gaga, Cameron Diaz, and Victoria Beckham have all flirted with the colour blonde with Julia Roberts winning an Oscar for playing an Blonde Erin Brockovich!

And even your very own bright-eyed Brunette ‘Celebrity Beauty Stalker’ has toyed with a very blonde ambition!

So, psychologically what is it with our infatuation with being blonde? I ask hair-stylist to the stars Michael Van Clarke,‘Do Gentlemen really prefer blondes?’

MVC says “I’m not sure that the myth, ‘Gentlemen prefer blondes’, holds up anymore.

Blondes are beautiful! Redheads are vibrantly stunning and Brunettes are gorgeous and intriguing. They each project unique attributes.  I think the comment developed in the early Hollywood era when Blondes really stood out on the screen, and it took an adventurous personality to peroxide their hair.”

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