Escentric find of the week

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My inner romantic just had to have this and with my pulse racing I make an elegant choice and buy a bottle from the plush Cult Beauty on-line store. What is it?! – Its Escentric Molecules 01, the famed fragrant label not to be sniffed at!

Molecule 01 contains only Iso E Super, which on its own is less of an aroma, more an effect. A subtle velvety woody note vanishes then re-appears after some time. You will notice the impact of the fragrance on other people as they stop and smell the scented path that you lead! And believe you me, they’re only desire is, is to immediately want to jump-into-your shoes! Molecule 01 gives you radiance and an unforgettable pheromonic effect and is a celebrity scented secret! This mighty scent works for both sexes. The Escentric Molecule 01 series (100ml) is priced from £65.50 and is available to buy from