Get a ‘Weather’ Girls Glow

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London’s favourite ‘Weather Girl’ Nazaneen Ghaffar is fast becoming a style-icon in her own right and you’d be hard pushed to find a more stunning weather presenter! She currently appears on Sky News and graces us with her smile from Monday to Friday whatever the weather!

Here are six beauty questions with Nazaneen:

1. What is your skincare philosophy?

I was told by my friend and dermatologist to always keep your skincare simple. Do not do too much to the skin on your face because it can aggravate it, and as I have quite sensitive skin which is prone to breakouts, I try to live by this philosophy. Less in more!

2. How do you protect your skin in summer?

All year round I use a moisturiser with an SPF in it, but for extra protection during the summer months I also use a sun cream under my make-up. But don’t assume cloudy days offer protection from the sun. The harmful rays can still get through, so stay protected. However, I think people don’t realise that the sun is also strong during the winter months. Even if you’re in an office all day, UVA rays can penetrate through windows. Also, UV rays are especially harmful on snowy days because they are strengthened when reflected off the snow. So the message here is, UV rays are harmful all year round, so make sure you protect your skin.

3. Describe your early morning beauty routine.

I keep my skin routine simple. On an early morning before work I just wash my face with a very mild face wash. At the moment I use Dermalogica which works well for my skin. I pat dry my face with a clean flannel and then add my face moisturiser (with an SPF) as well as a hydrating eye cream. I also use a lip balm from my favourite French skin brand called Nuxe Rêve de Miel. It is an ultra moisturising lip balm that gives your lips a natural matt finish.

4. What beauty/fashion trends do you follow?

In terms of beauty I love golden, bronze and brown eye shadows. I’m really not a fan of the smokey eye-look; it doesn’t look right during an early morning breakfast show! However, I LOVE eye liner. I usually have a gel liner on the top and bottom of my lashes, with a feline flick on the outer corners as well as an intense black liner in my water line. lashings of mascara are a must as well! I like to keep the focus on my eyes with make-up so the rest of my face is kept natural with foundation some colour on the cheeks and a touch of lip gloss. 5. Which beauty product would you be lost without?

Eye liner for sure!

6. What are your tips for a clear complexion?          

Keep it simple and drink lots of water!

Nazaneen Ghaffar presents the weather reports for Sky News Sunrise, Monday to Friday, 6am – 9am – skynews.comFollow Nazaneen on Twitter @SkyNewsNaz