Hailey Bieber, reveals her unedited makeup-free, flawless complexion on Instagram.


Hailey Bieber posts unedited, makeup-free, flawless complexion, selfie on her Instagram.

In her sunshine video, Hailey can be seen making the most of the golden hour sunlight, as she reveals a snippet of her skincare routine.

Hailey, doesn’t show the skin products that she is using but does hint towards what helps her get dewy glowing skin: layering her skincare.

Hailey captioned the post, “glazed donut vibes🍩🍩🍩 layering my skin care for that perfect dewy finish,”

A great tip for GLOW-GETTERS ✨ – In the footage, the wife of Justin Bieber could be seen wearing a low-cut black tank top, light-wash jeans, gold hoop earrings and layers of chains around her neck. 

Video/Images credit: @HaileyBieber