It’s Jolly, Jolie make-up!

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Hailing from across the pond and available to buy here in the land of blighty is the most elegant hourglass make-up range. This range was born in the USA and certainly does receive flying colours from me!

I got the privilege to meet the face behind the hourglass brand, Carisa Janes whose skin was Snow White flawless (and never mind her Bambi smile), but it was not her stylish glow that stole the show, it was her captivating high-voltage colourful make-up that caught my eye!

Feminine Janes polished hourglass make-up collection is no optical illusion and what you see is what you get and what you’ll get is modern-day glamour packed into the most stylish packaging that you’ll ever find! Carisa tells me that Angelina Jolie has been using the eco-friendly hourglass line. Well of course, I can see the connection – The Goodwill Ambassador would need to use a perfect match that compliments her neat hourglass figure!

Check out hourglass at Liberty London and from  Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 17.44.36