Kate Hudson’s, Supplement Brand In Bloom introduces Omnidegradeable.


At, 42, Kate Hudson’s skin is looking more radiant than ever. 🌟

The actress, co-@fabletics  founder and wellness entrepreneur is always sharing makeup-free photos to Instagram, and attributes her glowing skin to her – INBLOOM wellness brand.

Kate, advocates the brand’s line of five plant-based powders – marketed as “wellness jars” – that claim to boost energy, improve sleep, clear brain fog, fortify your immune system, and prevent “stress ageing”, through a mix of essential herbs, minerals, vitamins, and adaptogens.

On Instagram Kate shared her latest addition to her wellness product line – INBLOOM and captioned in the post.

“Omnidegradeable Envipouch is here!
Since day one of INBLOOM, we have been committed to making a product that is friendly to people and the earth, and being aware of our impact on the environments we find nourishment in. 
Today – I am so excited to introduce you to our  @tobeinbloom Omnidegradeable Envipouch – they simply and safely replace plastic, and decompose without ever harming the planet.
Their (beyond!) eco-friendly material biodegrades completely, leaving only water, CO2, and organic biomass behind – all beneficial to planet growth 🙂
Perfect for refilling your routine, or for on-the-go moments. Either way,  you can feel INBLOOM anywhere, with packaging that does right by the planet and your body 🌸💃.”

Discover the nutritional INBLOOM range of products at www.tobeinbloom

Image credits: @KateHudson @tobeinbloom