Kim Kardashian drops new ‘Barely There’ SKIMS shapewear

Kim models her new ‘Barely There’ collection

SKIMS founder Kim Kardashian drops new post on Instagram that showcased the short low-back version of the “Barely There” SKIMS shapewear. 

‘I wish you guys could really see this fabric because it’s, like, perfect for summer,” she said. According to Kim, the new shorts are “slicker and thinner’ than her original shapewear products.

The new ‘Barely There’ collection ‘would fit perfectly under an extremely low backless dress’, Kim said.

If you are ready to show more skin. This innovative ‘Low-Back’ Short is perfect for pairing with low-rise and open-back outfits. Join the waitlist to shop Kim Kardashian’s all-new styling solutions on Tuesday, April 12, at 9AM PT/ 12PM ET. 

Kim is wearing the ‘Barely There’ Shapewear Low-Back Short, size S, in Onyx.

Image credits/ @skims @kimkardashian