Maya Jama unveils new face mask line

This is your skin having a lovely time” – Maya Jama

Maya Jama has featured in Vogue and is best known for her work on TV & radio.

This month beautiful Maya shifts her focus to her new skincare launch and if you follow her on Instagram you would have noticed. ‘MIJ Masks are for every face and any moment’, says Maya. A huge fan of hydrating skin masks, Jama decided to create her own line packed with super hydrating and moisturising ingredients delivered in eco-packaging.

Super anti-aging ingredients’ feature in MIJ face & eye masks

So, far, there are just two products: pink Hydrogel Eye Patches laced with glycerin, panthenol and hyaluronic acid to plump, soothe and moisturise tired eyes, £13.99 for two. The Bio-Cellulose Face Mask features the beauty molecule hyaluronic acid that leaves skin plump and dewy with a long-lasting glow. The other anti-aging ingredients include: glycerin and grape extract, £15.99 (for 2 masks).

MIJ Masks now available from

Image credit @mijmasks @mayajama