Rihanna reveals new Fenty Skin #FlashNap Instant Revival eye gel-cream 


Rihanna reveals flawless complexion in Sunday facial routine.

She launched her skincare range last Summer and introduces her latest product, Flash Nap Fenty Skin Instant Eye Gel Cream.

The singer and entrepreneur, 32, is seen in the video on her Instagram standing in front of a mirror and applying the cooling cream and concealer combo.

She explains in the selfie video post that the goal is to get a well-rested look even if, like her, you barely sleep, as she can’t be doing with dark rings and puffy eyes.

Natural ingredients including horse chestnut, Persian silk tree, and green tea help deliver on the promise.

Rihanna also shows how to use an optional mini eye-massage tool to enhance the application of the cream-gel.   

Flash Nap Fenty Skin is available to buy online

Video/Image credits @fentyskin @fentybeauty