Tan Talk

Image credit – E! Online

If you are desperate for a tan, but don’t want to hit the beach, get over to see celebrity tanning expert James Read at THE STUDIO in Harvey Nichols.  Read counts Ellie Goulding and Mariah Carey as clients and with over 12 years’ experience in the beauty industry, James Read is the UK’s leading self-tan expert. At his studio a bespoke, one of a kind tanning machine is used to create James’ famous layering technique and achieve the most natural-looking, long-lasting tan. You’ll emerge 30 minutes later and almost think that you just came back from an exotic break!  The Signature Tan is £40.00

Or why not turn your bathroom into a tanning station to achieve a natural golden tone.


Just remember to 1.Exfoliate 2. Moisturise all over first, before you apply an even layer of self-tan. Leaving step’s 1 and 2 out will result in looking fake! Be sure to use you Vaseline over eyebrows first to avoid discorlation. Using a Tanning Mitt apply the lotion to the body in circular motions making sure you spread the lotion all way up to your ears. This will ensure a more realistic tan; white around the ears is a dead giveaway and not a good look! For that ultimate home tan, try James Read SLEEP MASK TAN BODY. Infused with Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid and Algae Extract to leave skin hydrated and moisturised, as well as ensuring your tan lasts longer and fades away evenly. Go on, give it a glow!

James Read SLEEP MASK TAN BODY is priced £35.00 from jamesreadtan.com