The Asian Provocateur

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I name her ‘The Asian Provocateur’ and after viewing her suggestive staples you’ll also be attracted too! – You won’t find a silver lining in any Sunita Mukhi creation. The exotic luxury handbag designer is a fashionable instigator that is drawn to the colour Red and opts to use this vivacious hue to elegantly line her au courant trends.

Mukhi, born in Malta to Indian parents evolved herself in the textile business from a delicate young age. Unravelling her life to love and lavish the most magnificent fabrics that exploded with colour, steering her into the direction to create and design what we know today as the luxury Sunita Mukhi accessory label.

Sunita currently resides in Marylebone, North West London and loves London for the diversity, the vast range of cultural offerings, the rich history and incredible architecture. She adores the time spent with her husband and daughter which is always therapeutic.

Sultry Sunita is inspired by everything around her and especially by all of those Women who have completely filled her life with love and happiness. She was brought up within a family who were famous within their own right in the textile world and happily lived a life full of spicy colour that spanned opulence in luxurious fabrics. Later in life she was drawn to many more striking skin textures that screamed vibrancy, just like the beautiful African colours that she has grown accustomed to.

Sunita’s style is a natural yet elegant opulence mode – You’ll find her wearing Maxmara and Chanel for fashion and for beauty she looks to the legendary ‘Queen of Lashes’ Sue Marsh. She is also particularly fond of having CACI facials and wearing Dior and would like to see The Duchess of Cambridge and Hollywood’s finest Charlize Theron clutching an SM creation

And just like me, they would be carried-away with her latest Capsule collection! – The Iconic, The Event, The Timeless, The Artful and The Hollywood are all glamorous pieces that pay tribute to the strong Women of the past, present and future, who have achieved greatness with enviable style and elegance.

Mukhi says “Women have not had an easy time achieving greatness but even in the face of daunting odds, they still manage to rise to the top and it is this Woman that the Capsule collection celebrates”. Victoria Beckham is another person who Sunita has great admiration for and is the designer that she would choose to collaborate with. Given the choice, of course!

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