The beauty industry are giving a morale boost

The beauty industry are giving a morale boost to the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic,  businesses across the UK have been offering their services to NHS workers as thanks for the incredible work they are doing.

Celebrity UK makeup artist Caroline Barnes has launched a free beauty consultation service for #NHSworkers in the hope of giving them some light relief and time to themselves on their days off.  #NHSMoraleBoost is a free video consultation service, where NHS workers will be able to speak 1-2-1 with a beauty expert and pick their brains on everything from skincare to makeup. The #NHSMoraleBoost initiative lists some of the biggest names in British beauty offering up their expertise.

The #NHSMoraleBoost initiative kicks off on Monday, 27 April, and lasts through 6 May. NHS workers can sign up for a free virtual beauty consultation by clicking on this link and selecting their preferred date and time.