This week I’m Loving: Green People Modern Botanicals

I have long been a fan of green and natural beauty skincare. Now. I’ m not claiming to be a tree hugger. But since my beauty editor days at Lifescape magazine, I really do give a fig about how skincare products are ethically developed. Green People have been setting the standards since 1999 and are an approved Soil Association brand who are committed to developing products that are 100 per cent natural and certified organic.

Green People’s latest green offering, Modern Botanicals is a unique collection that draws inspiration from nature, using clean, contemporary plant imagery with metallic accents and certified organic ingredients to stimulate, nourish and balance both body and mind.  The five Modern Botanicals gift boxes include; Forest & Fruit a uplifting botanical Cypress & Tangerine body lotion & shower gel. TREE & SEED includes  Eucalyptus and Mint designed for Men. SPICE & ROOT is my favourite and you’ll be reaching out more for the Ginger & Lemongrass Hand Cream too. ZEST & BARK gives you botanical Ho Wood & Mandarin hand cream that warms as soon as you start to massage. The last gift box is LEAF & STEM, soothing and botanical sensitive scent free shower gel and body lotion for those sensitive souls.  Take a leaf from me . . .

The Green People Modern Botanicals range is available from mid October and prices start from £7.75 to £24.95 and a donation from the sale of each of these beautiful new gifts will go to support the conservation work carried out by the charity *Plant Life.
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