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Skin goes dull and lifeless throughout the winter. I want my skin to be a positive walking advertisement throughout every season and I’m sure that you’ll agree that you’ll want the same. Don’t spend the winter with dull washed-out skin just because it’s grey outside. Here are 3 beauty must-have products that are guaranteed to help you to get your glow on!

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  1. Help skin stay clear from becoming congested and brighten it up with DermatoCLEAN 3 in 1 Micellar Cleansing Fluid from Eucerin. Micelle water acts as a magnet in picking up stubborn sebum and grime. The cleanser keeps skin in tip-top condition leaving it noticeably radiant, soft and supple. £9.00 from and 

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 2. Say good-bye to grey and foggy skin and boost moisture levels in dry, lacklustre winter skin using the super-hydrator Hyaluronic Acid serum from skin guru Eve Taylor. Gently pat the skin nourishing serum onto the face (including eyes and lips) and neck area. Use this at night, wake up to refreshed and healthier skin. Priced £29.99 from

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3. Get winter skin blooming bright right up to spring with Stila aqua glow™ serum foundation, (£34.50). Multi-reflective colour pigments use light to optically smooth the skin instantly reducing the appearance of skin imperfections. This celebrity approved fond de teint is all what you’ll need this winter to re-waken dull skin. Available nationwide from